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VZJ - Updates

Francois Tardieu, Xavier Draye and Mathieu Javaux
Simulations of plant water uptake in soil science are based on the interplay between soil and root properties, with an imposed flux or water potential at the stem base. The dialogue between roots and...more
Mie Andreasen, Karsten H. Jensen, Darin Desilets, Trenton E. Franz, Marek Zreda, Heye R. Bogena and Majken C. Looms
Since the introduction of the cosmic-ray neutron method for soil moisture estimation, numerous studies have been conducted to test and advance the accuracy of the method. Almost 200 stationary neutron...more
Binayak P. Mohanty, Michael H. Cosh, Venkat Lakshmi and Carsten Montzka
This is an update to the special section “Remote Sensing for Vadose Zone Hydrology—A Synthesis from the Vantage Point” [Vadose Zone Journal 12(3)]. Satellites (e.g., Soil Moisture Active Passive...more
Nicholas Jarvis, John Koestel and Mats Larsbo
In this update, we review some of the more significant advances that have been made in the last decade in the study of preferential flow through the vadose zone as well as suggest some research needs...more
J. Bouma
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a major challenge for both society and the science community. Hydropedology, combining the expertise of soil physicists and pedologists, plays a key r...more
Li Guo and Henry Lin
The Critical Zone (CZ) is the thin layer of the Earth’s terrestrial surface and near-surface environment that ranges from the top of the vegetation canopy to the bottom of the weathering zone and pl...more