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  As a Corporate Agronomist, I am called upon daily to provide information and advice related to a wide variety of crops, growing environments and equipment needs. There are many sources of information these days, but my preferred source of agronomic information is the Digital Library. This is because only reliable, peer-reviewed results are helpful in guiding our company’s real-life business decisions.


  The quality of information from the large Internet search engines is often unknown. The readily-accessible publications contained in the Digital Library, along with the references cited in them, constitute my most trusted source of high-quality information. Hardly a day goes by that I do not depend on the Digital Library.


Tom Doerge
Corporate Life Scientist (Agronomist)
Moline Technology & Innovation Center




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ALA LogoACSESS Digital Library is an aggregation of scholarly output from the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America. It includes 12 research journals, 3 magazines, 300 monographs, and a collection of conference reports. These publications contribute significantly to the core literature of agronomy.


  ACSESS's publishing model should be attractive to the academic community--full journal archives; guest access, interlibrary loan, and course pack/reserve options; a modest inflation cap; and both institutional and individual membership options.


  The home page is vertically oriented with search and browse functions on the left and featured articles and general information about ACSESS descending along the right. The periodicals are individually listed below a keyword search box with separate categories for books and annual meeting abstracts. Searches can be prelimited by journal title, year, volume, and issue…Results tabs for books, journals and magazines, subgroup affiliation, certification courses, and meetings are arrayed across the top of the results page. ..Search results can be placed in a folder, or "binder" in ACSESS parlance.


  In addition, the site includes extensive browsing features: by format (journal, book, magazine), conference name or organization subsection, author profile (including employer and professional address), and taxonomy or headings attached to articles and papers.


   The search and browse functions are sufficient, especially for anyone familiar with crop or soil sciences. .. the central aggregation of such significant content in this critical subdivision of agriculture renders the resource quite useful.


Valuable primarily for institutions with a focused or advanced program in soil science and agronomy.


Summing Up:

Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above; two-year technical program students. -- L. S. Cline, Missouri State University


To view the extract and full-text of this review, visit http://www.cro3.org/content/51/10/51-5577.extract.